Strange But True

The purpose of this page will be to explore with readers what I couldn't get across to some of the people on UKMIX. In particular when they asked me how the Real Chart was done, who the compilers are etc.... Part of the problem when I tried to do so was the fact I couldn't explain things because of the nature of the forum. But here I can clearly take you all step by step, so you can see why I think the chart is that good.
However in doing so you will be able to see (for yourself) why things on not what they may appear in the Real World and gain new enlightenment in yourself in the process.
Now look at this picture for a while.....

You can stop pondering now...
First some details not at all connected with what I'm explaining. The picture is called "Kittens" and was painted by Percy Tarrant in 1907. I've no idea who she is, but Percy had daughter who went on to become more famous than him. For she was the one that illustrated the famous book the Water Babies
Percy isn't the best painter going as if you look at her hands they look a bit odd in shape. They probably were not like that in real life, it's just that hands are the hardest things to paint!
Details over... Way back in April 1993 I had just decorated my bedroom and the walls were looking a bit sparse. So I decided to buy some prints from a local store of attractive females to put on my walls. This was one of them. I didn't even know who it was by or even its name, the only criteria for buying it was it looked nice. The place I chose to put it was on the wall at the foot of my bed, so when in bed resting my head on my pillow, I could see it. To the right of the picture was my bedroom window. The light during the day showed the colours wonderfully. Apart from the that I thought no more about it till.... Well let's just say something odd happened....
I'll try to explain it. One morning I woke up and was just resting with my head on the pillow. It was about 7am and the early light was streaming in the window, despite the closed curtains, casting a sort of half-light on the picture. Just resting, my eye caught the picture bathed in the light. Then something strange happened! The picture changed!!!! The flickering light from the window and half-light were not the cause either. She was changing. The first thing I notice as I starred in astonishment, was the basket of kittens just vanished! Her face kept changing as those I was seeing loads of different women in quick succession. Her clothes were changing too. In fact I could swear I saw her once in an Elizabethan costume complete with ruff!!  It was scary to say the least!!!! So I jumped out of bed and opened the curtain. I sat watching again but with plenty of light the picture didn't alter again.
Was I cracking up was going around my head? The answer I can assure you is no. Was I physic? No again. How do I know well?  When I explained it to my family, when their scepticism had settled down I was able to reproduce the same effect with them. That is by getting a half-light and by the person simply looking at the picture. And yes she changed for them too!! If you don't believe me try it yourself. Print a copy off to A4, if you can on photo paper. If the image won't enlarge enough try finding the image on Google to print off (details above of what to look for) and get it in half-light and just relax and stare at it. If you have good eyesight it should work.
So what's causing it?
I wanted to know if it was just a side effect (an optical illusion) caused by the way the image was painted. The test being if other pictures changed than it wasn't. So I tried other paintings, these had different results, but they did produce the same effect.
What I did notice is that the face of the person was altering, but not always in the same way. Some seem to produce an almost "photo" type image. A sort of "real" view of the person's face. A couple produced no real face, instead something that I could only describe as a wooden doll. When I did some research on the artist who painted these women's portraits, I discovered he didn't have the women sitting for him. Instead he used the wooden doll thing that artist still use today. So what I saw was that doll and not the real person. 
It was obvious that something in my mind and in all humans, was triggering a reaction. At that time I didn't know what it was, but I became more intrigued by the results.
So one day I tried to see if the effect could be replicated on modern people in the form of a photograph. The first thing at hand was a TV guide. I think at that time it was the Brookside murder that was on the front cover and the beautiful Anna Friel. Anyway I figured it was good place to start. So I "viewed" her.
I don't think I still have the cover picture, but this one was around that time. If I find the original I will insert it.

What I saw I wasn't expecting to see at all!! For what flashed before me were the faces of MEN!  Modern looking faces too. The image seem to settle longest on one face, for a while. To be honest I didn't recognise any of them. But the face that stayed the longest looked a lot like Jason Donovan too me. The conclusion that I came to was that the real face of a person, in this case Anna Friel, was showing me who she would/ had / was - have a relationship with. This was confirmed in the following week's issue of the same TV guide. While still covering the Brookside story line, it ran a feature on Anna. Of course this included a list of past boyfriends, a good few, plus her current one. It was clear that some of the men I had seen in her photo view were these men. But the clincher was her current boyfriend. Which turned out be Darren Day.

And yes he did look like Jason Donovan!

The fact that she later split with Day, shows that the image that I viewed of her which went to another face after Day, though hovering on his for a while, proves that it wasn't meant to last. 

More views on faces of different people showed that married "stable" couples had the same face as each other which did not switch. Gay people showed the same sex. Though I did note in the ones I viewed that there was also one (only one) of the opposite sex there. So far I don't know why this should be.
I believe I know why the mind however has the ability to recognise who is going to be a person's partner. 
There was some research done that showed young babies can tell the difference between any face on any animal on the planet. I don't know all the details, but apparently they have this ability for only a short while after the birth. The logical conclusion would be to imprint the mother/ father's face on the child's memories. However as they get older they loose this ability. Now it occurs to me that suppose it's not actual lost, but slips into the deep areas of the mind. However that does not explain why the mind can recognise someone we might have a relationship with. Nevertheless the mind is constantly looking for human faces in a all sorts of places even when there isn't one there.
For example :

The human face is of course a very important part of any couple forming a relationship. But suppose that's it is more important than we think? People's faces do change over time, we put this down to age. Yet what if it's more than that? What if our face is designed to show the type of face of a person we should be with. Of course this would imply that when we make our choice of partner we are looking for at least one person. And we know what that person's face should look like. This means that some people will find that person and stay with them, but others such as Anna above have a much wider choice of who to be with.
This might sound a bit far fetched, but if you do look at a lot of couples faces they do match one another.
For example the Sun newspaper mashed two couples faces together:

Nevertheless I have seen pictures of a person who was in a couple who's face didn't match the partner's face. The person in question was a member of band Five, dating Billie Piper at that time. However his face looked very feminine and wasn't looking a bit like Billie's face at all. The couple later split!
This picture is like the one I saw, but it was more obvious than this image:

I should tell you also some celebs faces I viewed that showed partners, died shortly after I saw them. So the mind might be able to future partners faces. But it doesn't mean for certain you will meet them!
However not all the pictures I viewed showed a partner's face. Some showed styles of face that no longer could be found
Having looked at lots of these pictures the style of the face would change to the images seen in old photographs and paintings of the past. There was only one explanation that I was seeing who that person was in a past life!....
It was the only conclusion that I could draw since why would an image of a male of this day and age turn into that of a woman's face from say around 1790?
Experiments on my own face photos revealed at total over time of about 18 to 19 faces from the past. Some of them appeared to be only young children, so they probably didn't live long. A clear mixture of female and male. I would put money on one of them being Jane Austen. Which is odd because whenever I see one of them Austen type movies with they women in the fancy dress, I have this desire to be critical of them, in the same women even now do of women's clothes!
The above photo's show some similarity with my "young" face and that of Jane's. However the Jane picture is what someone has drawn and not an actual true image of her.
One of these past lives might have been a second world war air raid victim. For a can remember a dream I had of a railway worker having a shave in his house and then all of a sudden there was large explosion and the room he was in was just spinning around. As it did so it broke up into tiny pieces a bit like when a digital picture breaks down. Before you say anything about knowing that happens with digital TV, this dream occurred when I only had a VHS video and never seen a digital image do that! Anyway back to the dream. When the room had gone there was nothing, just this voice saying "it's OK you're dead". It was a voice that I sort of knew, but it wasn't somebody I knew from now or I suspect then. I felt detached from the railway man in the dream, but all he wanted to know was if his wife and children were safe. With that I awoke. The sound of a propeller driven aircraft flying right over our house filled my bedroom!
Dreams according to those that study them are triggered often by outside events such as noise. So why would my mind create this dream?
I was later able to discover from other sources that this man was probably called Albert. His surname could have been Eastern, though that might have got mixed up, as things like these do with this kind of experience. For it could have been the railway company he worked for. The London & North Eastern Railway perhaps known as the Eastern at that time?  He seems to have left an impression on me as I was obsessed with model trains as a kid, which has not gone away the train bit anyway!    
I was so curious about this life after death thing I read several books on the subject. In one it suggested you could do what is called automatic writing. Letting a pen or pencil have sort of free will on a sheet of paper with your eyes closed. Despite some interesting results I was able not to get much out of if this. I eventually worked out it was better to keep your eyes open. With an open mind I was able to contact what I now call the Compilers. And was able to get all sorts of information on subjects.
Even when I started the "conversations" with the Compilers, they were not always willing to divulge information on them and how they did things. This included how they produced these charts. I had a lot of the time go on how I understood it at the time it was done. It was very much a learning curve for me. Even when I started this blog I had no real idea who they were. In fact by the time I had joined UKMIX I took them to have the power of judgement over others. However I was soon able to correct this view and this lead to me reading the works of Michael Newton. His books are a real eye opener and I quickly recognised that the beings he talks about are the same ones that supplied me with the information. In one of his books he has a conversation with one of the higher level beings and it's very clear they know what he will do with the information provided. In the same way that I connected with my higher level being(s).
At this point I was going to show one of the video's about Michael Newton, unfortunately YouTube keep deleting them, leaving just a blank viewer...  Instead all I can suggest is you get hold of these books and be prepared to be amazed.

Eventually having an interest in the UK charts and as I always suspected that they were never accurate, I asked these beings about the UK chart. Of course I was trying to get the OCC chart presented to me first before the Sunday Top 40 show. But that is not what I got. Instead although some records seem to match the positions found in the next week's OCC chart others were much higher or lower. So that's how the Real Chart started.
Over the years I have discovered that life is much more complex then we know. And information is swirling around a heads, just like the radio airwaves than we know about, that we cannot see. But it's there. Sometimes it even pops up in unexpected places. For example the remains of tea leaves in a cup or any substances or liquid that can make patterns around us. Some of these images are really complicated to understand. For example a horse's head doesn't mean you are going to the races or come into contact with a horse. It's another symbol for love just like the heart is, but it's more specific and down to an individual. Of course you have to be practiced in reading these things, otherwise you will be like a bad language interpreter getting the words mixed up. This is not unlike some of the fortune tellers out there that get things wrong. They in-fact didn't, they just read it wrong. Probably because they have deep rooted prejudices so they can't see the real reading.    
I have also found out that the human mind is also like a giant sieve leaking thoughts out all over the place. We can become tuned into these and pick up on what others are saying about us. Most of us tune these out for we are very insecure about ourselves. You only have to watch something like Big Brother to find out that we can even be negative about the people we like. So you wouldn't want to hear even your friends and family picking up on the slightest thing that annoys them about you! 

  The Library of Lost Things  

The other week I had a strange dream and I think I know what it meant. Basically in the dream I went to a local dump site, but what was there wasn't anything to do with the site as it is. Instead I found white shelves (in a strange like building) with books, tapes and objects just like you would find in a second hand or charity shop. But it was no charity shop. I remember looking at the objects as if I knew them. I also recall saying I would like to see things from those years, implying something from the future.
It took me a few weeks to work it out what it meant and I can now say what it was. I believe what I was looking at in the Library of my life. All displayed in order of my time on Earth. But it wasn't just a library of objects that I owned, it was the library of object that were thrown out as rubbish or perhaps lost. Hence the dump site reference!
This was clearly a vision (probably personal to me) of the details of my life stored on the other side of life. Each one of us will have something similar and it just goes to prove, despite time and the changing Earth nothing is ever lost. From people to objects.   

Dream Interpretation

 Sometimes our dreams can give clues to past lives. But they are not always clear as to what they mean. I was able I think to work out this person's dream. A member of the UKMIX forum what they say is in blue. My answer follows...
See what you think....
I had the weirdest recurring dream last night!

A few months ago I'd had this dream in which me and a girl were running from the police for whatsoever reason, like some sort of 90s Bonnie & Clyde. This must have been influenced by watching
True Romance. It was snowy, and we took an 'Ice Ambulance' to escape. There were different levels of Ice Ambulances; we took the level one Ice Ambulance, before hijacking a level 2 while surrounded by police.
It was a dangerous chase. Soon a police car got near us and we panicked, and decided to jump from the moving Ice Ambulance into the Ice Police Car, which was a level 8. Before I could take the wheel, the beautiful Raven haired policewoman told me to calm down and explained that she was a rogue officer who was helping us. She looked a bit like a young Madeline Stowe. She explained to us that a secret society had come on to us for whatever reason and that she was saving us from their grasp.
Eventually we ended up at a retirement home. It was cold and dull. We were looking for someone/something, but the police caught up with us and we had to escape (the police woman who had helped us had left by this time). We ended up hijacking a car and heading to a large, gritty metropolitan city, and the dream ended mid car-chase on a bridge.

Tonight I had a dream which was extremely similar, except it was mixed in with other stories which may or may not have connected with this dream.
The first section was in a large building. I only ever saw the interior of this building, which looked like an upmarket 90s New York tower from the looks of the hallways. Everything was sleek, and there was a lot of red and gold which looked pretty legal. I saw a phew friends and people I knew from church, but they all seemed pretty clueless as to what was going on. There were lots of strange lights coming from doors, but they were locked and I wasn't a skilled lock-picker in the dream it seems. I suddenly saw am old white man in a grey suit and completely panicked, running through endless corridors in an attempt to escape. That was all.
The second section of my dream was the strangest part. I'd previously had a dream in which I was out running. I came to the same dirt track in which I ran. The track was surrounded by miles of forrest, and in the middle there was a large plain field. I became wary as there was a lot of security and I felt like I wasn't supposed to be there. A large elevator appeared in the middle of the field. It was simply a platform and had no walls. Then I saw the X Factor judges table in the left-middle of the field. The judges emerged and some girl dressed in black got on the elevator, which started moving up and down. She was singing Beyoncé and Nicole had her curly hair and was acting crazy. I felt like I was being watched by someone and left.
An aside to the X Factor section was that I entered.....except it seemed to be an X Factor for track & field instead, and I was running. Nicole told me I needed to have a back-up plan, because I only made it to boot camp last year, but I knew I could run fast in my trainers. I was a different character in this part of the dream; a British-Indian male for some reason.
The third part of the dream was underwater. I could see a woman in a submarine deep underwater. She was troubled and felt like someone was coming. There was maps and pin points everywhere in her submarine. She was extremely afraid of the old white man who had chased me in the hallways, but I wasn't sure what was going on.
The fourth part of the dream is what links last night's dream to my prior dream. The sequence of the girl and I hijacking the two Ice Ambulances, jumping into the rogue Policewoman's car and escaping to the large metropolitan city was shown in a cinematic fashion and presented as a film trailer. I woke up at the same part of the dream as I did a few months ago. Odd.
Wow that's a complex dream and such a lot to break it down. But I think I can try. First there is clearly a theme to do with authority. Expressed by police. Now unless you have a troubled past or on-going issues with the law, then you can safely ignore that it's to do with legal things. It might be something with anyone representing authority.
Next lots of women crop up, these don't appear to be sexually fantasy. So a woman or women are important to you in some other way. One thing is for certain this woman or women are their to help you in some way. If there are such women in your life you should pay close attention to what they say.
The rest of your dream seems very familiar to me. But however I'm not certain you will like my conclusion as to what it means.
The building of the 90's might represent your life path, possibly not your current life as we shall see! The lock doors the fact that your choices have been barred to you. Even your friends can't help you and don't know why the choices you could make are not available. The old man being yourself trapped in a life that is going nowhere.
In the next part we find you in a field. The forest I would have thought meaning the urban jungle you have escaped (by running) from. But the lift represents that your life was over and that you ascended up to the other side. Where you where met by judges. Of course there not really judges in the human sense, just beings to advise you. The singing woman was either yourself or someone you know. She clearly has been popping down to earth several times to become a singer, but either failing or not moving on from it. Once again you meet a woman advisor (clearly your sprit guide) who tells you that you didn't complete your last life (boot camp) and that you need to do a bit more planning for your next life. Clearly you had been a British Indian male in that - what would have been a short life. But you think you can keep up with the fast pace of life.
The water dream implies a very emotional person, who has done some planning, but there is someone who could either disrupt this plan, or is needed to complete the person.

The last part implies that you like to live a fast pace life with plenty of action, which is probably unpredictable and of course highly dangerous. Probably harking back to the first dream, where you had that kind of life, but was rescued. Ending up in a retirement home dying, wishing you had died a more exciting death.
By the way your sprit guide might pop into your life at any time. I would have thought she would be female in your current life. But you will implicitly trust this person that is for certain. If she is not already with you! She clearly saved your life at least once, even though you would have preferred she hadn't.
 I Can See Dead People... Just not straight away....

About a year ago something very strange happened to me. My mum finished up going to the Northern General Hospital Accident and Emergency department by ambulance when she dropped something on her foot. She required an X-Ray, but it turned out not to be broken. I went with her. We were there around two in the afternoon, though it took several hours. For a large part of time we were waiting near the ambulance entry point. Needless to say it's was boring and the most interesting thing was wondering why ceiling tiles in such places are easily damaged and never replaced? In other words nothing out of the ordinary at all. Not until I got home that is. I went to bed, full of the thoughts of the day, then in this semi-conscious state something incredible happened. It was like watching a re-run of the events at around two PM, while we were waiting. But this time outside the A&E doors, in the sky above the ambulance dropping off point, what I can only described as a swirling vortex opened up! Pouring out of came a mass of things, which headed to the doors of the A&E entrance and passed inside the building. We at that time were waiting alongside the wall, where they park patient's on trolley beds waiting to get seen too. I could sense that I was waiting & bored leaning against the wall, but as I looked at the mass going inside the hospital, I could see that the mass was 100's if not thousands of transparent people, all of different ages and sex. I didn't recognise any of the people, though some looked at me. Though none came over, they all just seemed to go inside the hospital following the corridors. I don't recall any noise coming from the mass of people or any noise from the vortex. All I could hear was the normal sounds of the day. That's all I got from the vision. 
Nothing like this has happened to me before, at first I passed it off. Probably with a note thinking that since it was around 2 pm when this happened, that the "ghosts" were clearly coming down at the start of hospital visiting hours, so where probably going to see living relations in hospital, including those living visitors doing the same thing. Well if you were a ghost why not kill two birds with one stone and visit sick relations and living relatives at the same time? 
Nothing happened again for a long time after this. Then one day I had to attend the funeral of my uncle at a local crematorium. We were waiting in the reception area when his children came in with the coffin being carried by the funeral people. We followed them in to the main area for the rest of the funeral. Again nothing out of the ordinary happened during the day. But once again resting in bed, something happened again. From the prospective again of watching the funeral party enter, but this time I could see my uncle as fit as a fiddle, plus his wife who had died a few years prior to him, solid looking as if they were there in person coming in with the coffin with his body. They were talking to each other, but not to the other people and I could hear they were saying, about who had turned up and how nice it all was! I think they looked much younger then when either of them died. One of their (living) daughters was crying heavily, but they seemed to ignore that, perhaps because they knew there was nothing they could do about it, even if they wanted to. The vision didn't last long and didn't go into the ceremony. Just the entrance way and entrance of the body. But later on that night I did have a dream, where I was watching the ceremony and looked at the seats at the other side to where I was sat. Where I saw my other late uncle, the brother to the one that had just died, sat on a bench watching the funeral too. I recognised him, either though he was much younger than I ever saw him in real life. Again very real looking. 
Normally I would have put this down to grief or wishful thinking. But as I already experienced something similar when I was at the A&E, as described above, when I was not experience anything at all, apart from sheer boredom! Then I can not it down to grief or anything else, but a true psychic experience. 
Of course it's weird, because I don't see any ghosts at the time or even have an inkling of their presence. However I can tell you that before the A&E thing, I had been to the same funeral place several times, attending funerals of people I know and saw nothing after the event.
One of my neighbours likes to see spiritual mediums and once she heard about the story, she suggested I went with her to one. So we went to one at Attercliffe. The medium is well known, but I won't say who it was anyway, because I don't want to get into a  big debate on the validity of mediums. 
The event was well attended, but he didn't give either of us a reading. Personally I didn't see anything in what he said that he could not have got from other sources, such as cold reading. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Once again I saw no evidence of ghosts at the meeting. But I didn't expect too either, since I hadn't before. It would come once I got home and in a restful zone. Not that there was a guarantee that even this would happen! I could have fell asleep and seen nothing. But fortunately it did. During the reading the medium said he could see an old woman who had a really foul mouth on her, stood at the back of the room. We all turned around to see if she was there. But we saw nothing. Well in my subconscious state this same thing played out. I turned around to see the old lady. And guess what? There was still nothing there!! I also saw the medium talking - looking forward at him - supposedly in discussion with sprits. But again in the subconscious state I saw no evidence of ghost anywhere near the man. 
Again these visions never last long, but presumably if there was a presence there that night I would have been shown it. Assuming it works like that! Of course the medium might have been talking with sprits, but I think personally that there were none present that night and he was simply making money from cold reading. 
I think that it could be that certain people can indeed see ghosts and even communicate with them. But that doesn't mean that they have the ability for life. One day it might just vanish, then what do they do? Especially if they were making money from it? Perhaps that medium was doing the same thing. There's no way of knowing that mediums have a permanent contact with the Sprit World. It might be like trying to pick up long distance radio stations, haphazard to say the least. Sometimes as clearly as bell other times like thick fog! The Sprit World might even break off contact, completely, for a short time, or just randomly. Some mediums I have seen on TV clearly talk a load of rubbish. Even if they are talking to the Sprit World, which I doubt. But again people such as David Wells, who did Most Haunted for a while, was clearly in contact with them. Since not only did he get many things spot on, he gave explanations of how he knew in the same bizarre ways that the Sprit World, to me, loves to use. 
By the way I went last year to see the Bronte house and I had look around. But I got no visions afterwards, so it either is not haunted or there was none present when I was there.
If I have anymore encounters like the above I will let you all know.    

Sorry I have just noticed that the readers comments were not on. So I have now corrected it.          

Come back soon to see what else I have discovered about us....

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