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The 59p fight continues with the top five all priced at that. But Rudimental are out on top, but on reduced sales...        

Chart Tracks
The hits are here! A selection of records (err videos) that are currently in the top 10 of the top 100.
From now on in I will keep them in order ten to one!!! Sometimes people on YouTube will upload a video that was NOT authorised by the record company. These can be deleted by YouTube without telling anyone that has linked them to the blog site. So if you see a blank video anywhere it's down to YouTube removing it is not a fault on this blog.  I did at one time use MUZU.TV, but it has now gone bust!  For those into YouTube, if you can't listen to one of these or my other number one tracks featured on YouTube, because you live in another country, then just go the link below. This will allow you to see them by changing your IP address to a country that can see them. I'm not into censorship, especially by profit making business! Scroll to the bottom of the page nearly to find out more of the dodgy dealings of YouTube!
YouTube viewer


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Download Links for the Real Chart
You can still download the full top 100 chart texts for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 right here.  Also the current charts. These are updated every Sunday. PS let me know if the links doesn't produce a PDF file! For instance it says you don't have permission! By the way PDF readers are free, just search the web to install one. The full charts are only updated each month. The latest month added will be shown, but it will include all previous months. After a new month is added, all previous weekly PDF files are removed.
I have added the first Real Charts that were done on computer for the first time. These date from 2006. These charts though not for the full year, do include the top 100 best selling singles for the full year. They were scanned at only 300DPI from the original printed charts. So the quality is not to clever. Unfortunately at the time of their construction I didn't save the original DTP files. So scanning them is the only way. Despite it's claim to convert PDF files to text, Serif Page Plus X7 can only import the scanned PDF file as an image file. So editing is not possible. It seems it can only edit a PDF file if it was converted straight from a document file.  At some later date I will scan them at around 400DPI. The charts for 2008 to 2010 will also be done at some later date. 

Real Chart 8 October to 24 December 2006
REAL CHART 2011 Full year.pdf
Real Chart-2012 Full List including Best Sellers
Real Chart 2016 Full Update plus best sellers and drop outs 
Real Chart 2017 

Real Chart 2018 to the 28 January New

Real Chart 4 February 2018
Real Chart 11 February 2018

Real Chart News....  

NEW CHART for  11 February 2018. 
We have a brand new number one from Rudimental, as last week's topper from Sigrid plummets to number five. Despite that Rudimental actually lost sales compared to last week. Plus they finish up just 1,000 copies ahead of Portugal. The Man, who reach a high of number two. Once again it was a battle of the iTunes 59p's. With most of the top ten being priced at that. Of course the more expensive other sites play a part in the fights, but it did help if you were priced at that on iTunes. Altogether I counted some 29 records at 59p in the various iTunes charts last week. Though it has to be said a few have not made the 100 today. You would have thought that most of the 59p tracks would be all in a row, but even if it was an iTunes only chart that would still not be the case. It seems that some tracks priced at that will still not sell much, compared to a full price one. There are some tracks priced at 79p on iTunes, but these are much less common and tend not to have the same impact. Most of the other download sites don't use the cheap policy of iTunes. Even if they do reduce them down it seems to have little effect on a record sales on the site. The only time a site drasticly reduced the price down which had an effect on sales, was when Google.Play reduced lots of Christmas tracks down to around 19p, I think it was. But they haven't done that it in years. The price reductions might account for the sudden leap of Cabello to number 3. Liam Payne was also reduced, but late in the week. His main sales surge is due to the release of the movie Fifty Shades, which the track features on. This also had the effect of pushing up, or stopping several of the other records falling that are taken from the soundtrack of the film. The Oscar promotion might also have had effect on the sales, plus might account for the picking up in sales of some of the Showman tracks.
The Official Chart number one from Drake shows no sign of climbing into the top ten on our sales chart. Instead it lost sales and falls down. It is doing best on iTunes, but even there it is in decline.
The higher than 40K sales have rapidly increased this week. Last week they didn't start till position 19. However this seems to have reduced the end point of the 40K section, plus the sales drop off rapidly after that point. The sales reduction has followed through to the end of the 100. And now there are four tracks showing 16K sales, whereas we had only one last time. I wish I could say it was down to duplicated tracks taking up a lot of space in iTunes and the other charts. But it is not.
The new hits now. We still don't have any improvement in the number of new hits. Just one more than last week. The highest entries are basically Friday issued records, though they seem to get released to the sites a day earlier these days. There are also several entries that just didn't sell enough last week, but have made it this at 64 and 75. But when I last checked it looks like that both James Bay and Nadine were in trouble sales wise. Of the returning records Sia was selling well than had an unexpected boost when the track was sung last night by a Voice contestant. Last week's Voice also accounts for the Black Eyed Peas return, when Will.I.Am sang it.
I am surprised that the Cranberries single has returned. It was not on the cheap list. So must be connected with something on TV. Perhaps the funeral of the lead singer?
Worth mentioning the Calum Scott climb to 24. Mostly down to it being 59p, but also it does have another version joining it. A duet with Leona Lewis. She is not mentioned in the chart because most of the sales are due to the none duo version. However if the sales of the duet start selling more than the solo version, her name will be added to the entry. In case you are wondering, if the duet version of any track falls in sale lower than the solo version, it will still be listed as a duet. We don't change it back.
Now to those we have lost. And we have some big news. The two million selling Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran has left the top 100! After 49 weeks in the 100. Another million seller from Sam Smith and former number one has also left after only 22 weeks. Big Boi also left the 100 after 10 weeks. The highest of the 15 to go was Thirty Seconds To Mars who climbed to 55 on it's second week in the 100.

The first PDF of the month covering all the charts for January is available now and of course all previous files have been deleted.

If you use the UKMIX forum you might have noticed a bit of controversy over the thread called the Real Chart. It is currently locked. This is due to another member who altered the title out of spite to “0”. Presumably it was getting too much publicity from other people and that person believes only in the OCC chart. I don't know why, it would be like putting a supermarket sales chart in charge of Asda, Tesco and all the others and asking them to produce an accurate sales chart! It was my understanding that the UKMIX people would sort the problem out. However what seems to have happened is that no action was taken against the individual that did it and they are keeping the thread closed, even though the title has been changed back. As far as I am concerned it can stay locked, since it wasn't a productive feature of the site, it was just being used by the trolls who wanted to attack anything they don't like. But the episode does show the nature of those in charge of the site. So you might want to consider that before joining UKMIX. I can't recommend doing so, since the site takes pride in the people they have had to ban and publicly displays this.  


The Classic Charts page has the 1985 charts till September on them and the 60's chart page has the 1966 charts to April going up. Each section will have a new chart going up each week if I can manage it. So check them out. Generally added late Thursday. The 1985 Charts are well ahead of the Top of The Pops shows being broadcast by BBC Four on Thursday and Friday.  

The full PDF of the year is now available. It includes all the top 100 charts, the full list of best sellers, all the records and chart positions and weeks for each of them. Plus a list of records that were considered strong enough to make the charts and did not.


I have uploaded all the Music Echo top 100 charts for 1964, 1965 and the rest of the charts (top 50) for 1966. You can check them out on the Record Business Chart post.

The full charts for 2016 is now available in PDF format. It features the top 189 best sellers, a list of everything that fell out including the highest position and weeks. A list of records that nearly made the 100, but didn't.
Also down below you will find the latest All Time Best Seller list. It now takes two million to enter the top 100.

Music Video Editing
I have added a new page showing how I edit and produce the number one videos featured on this blog. I will explain on it what equipment I use and all the technical details of editing the videos, such as what software I use and the problems I have encountered in making them. It will be illustrated with software screen shots and some of the videos. The page is not yet complete, but you can check out some of the information now.   
More 1948 and 1949 charts!
The 1948 charts are complete.  The 1949 charts are also complete and the full list of charts have been uploaded to the blog, including the sales list for 1949.  
More charts have been added to the Record Business section of the blog. These include PDF files of Chart Runs of the 1960's of Music Echo - a top 100 chart! - and some Local Independent Radio top 40 charts for the 70's.  
1960's Charts
I've uploaded all the charts in the 1965 series to the 1960's chart page. There is also the first top 100 from 1960 on the site, so check them out. 
The 1966 charts on the same page starting with the January charts. As yet I have not sorted out the best sellers for 1965, but there is a PDF file for 1965 that has the ones that are added up.     

I have had to set the comment boxes to use the puzzle device as the blog was having about 20 fake comments a week being posted all going to the spam box, mostly of the type saying what a great read it is and then a bad link to a game site!  I hate the Capitcha thing myself, but it does stop the robot machines from posting, I just hope it doesn't stop anyone else commenting.      
The Best Selling singles chart for 2015 and all the other best sellers charts can be seen on the Best Selling Singles Page of this blog. 
Speaking of best sellers, the All Time Chart featured at the bottom of this page has been updated, check it out to see who's entered since last time!                   
Odd items...
Some video's URL have been replaced after the originals have been removed on YouTube.
If you are looking for the explanation of the streaming none use by the Real Chart, it's now been moved to What Is The Real Chart section of this blog.
Below are the Chart Books PDF's for A and B acts.
If you ever had problems, or having problems with Album Art on MP3 files, check out the end section of the Technical help page. I am allowing comments from companies offering repair services on that section only. If anyone has an issue with one of these companies, such as virus or con merchants people. Please let me know and the comment will go.
Check out the stories of the Beatles keeping the Rolling Stones of the top of the chart in 1963 and a Melody Maker from 2000 moaning about the fact that Boy Bands and Dance acts have taken over the charts at the expense of Real Music. And they hadn't heard of One Direction and David Guetta back then!!!
The Real  Charts are now done on the Page Plus DTP software (X7). It was at one time done using Pressworks. But that withdrawn and no longer works with modern OS.  I suggested some improvements for the next edition of Page Plus on their community web forum thing. What I got back was a load of tosh from somebody who doesn't even work for Serif! He was the top poster there and finished up saying I should read the manual!! With help like that I have blocked any more e-mails from Serif wanting me to buy Page Plus X8. The cheek I ask you...      
Classic Charts are back...
I must apologize to readers of the blog who are looking for new old charts to be added. Finding the time to construct a single top 100 chart is hard. It can take up to 6 hours to construct one top 100 chart. That's aside from finding all the available released records that would go in it. So please be patient with me!  
The 1981 charts are currently on the Classic Charts page a bit out of date with the TOTP episodes being broadcast, but still there!... They are also now complete!!  The best sellers, and PDF file of the year, are now in place. The 1980 charts have been removed, but there is a full PDF of all the 1980 charts and over 200 best sellers on the same page. The 1982 and 1983 charts are largely in paper format. However I do not intend to put these on the blog anytime soon. Since they are compiled. I am currently devoting any spare time to those charts that have not been formatted.
In case your wondering how I remember which records reached which positions, when it comes to returning records, the answer is I have a log book which records which records got where and how long they lasted. It's split into 26 sections one for each artist names starting with A through to Z. I am in the process of making a slight change to all the Chart Books, including information about the artists. This can help in some cases to spot the difference between acts with the same names. 
Chart Book W chart acts

Chart Books so far
These now available, they included all the records that have fallen out of the chart up to the 4 September 2016, except were specified. All chart books contain January 1995 to 2000 and 1948 charts detailed listings. And then patchy details and information for the other years. Like the above W entry they do not included ALL the acts and records that have made the Real Chart since it's inception in 1948, since many of these charts are not sorted out yet. But I think any chart person will find them interesting all the same.  Others will follow as an artist in the missing categories' drop out of the 100.
There's going to be a slight change in the Chartbook format in future uploads with any dated after 23 October 2016. I have decided to stop the full capitalisation of the artists names. This is because sometimes artists deliberately don't use capital letters on their names. One recent one being "offaiah". Every entry will be changed to the new system before a new Chartbook is uploaded.     
A Chart to 4 September 2016
B Chart to 4 September 2016
C Chart to 4 September 2016 
D Chart to 11 September 2016
E Chart to 4 September 2016
F Chart to 22 January 2017 
G Chart to 4 September 2016
H Chart to 2 October 2016
I Chart to 18 September 2016
J Chart Book PDF (new system) 
K Chart to 4 September 2016
L Chart to 4 September 2016
M Chart to 4 September 2016
N Chart to 25 September 2016
O Chart to 18 September 2016
P Chart to 4 September 2016
Q Chart to 22 October 2017
R Chart to 18 September 2016  
S Chart to 4 September 2016
T Chart to 4 September 2016
U Chart to 25 September 2016
V Chart to 22 October 2017
X Chart to 22 October 2017
Y Chart to 23 October 2016 
Z Chart to 18 September 2016
The J revised, new system, are correct to the 13 March 2016.

Other Site News
The colour scheme of the blog site was changed after somebody commented that they couldn't see the text on the black background. Though they requested black text, I didn't like the idea of just a black and white page. So the green text is staying. The yellow text has been replaced for general text. An A4 scanner has been purchased (Canon LIDE220) and it is much quicker and better at producing images and PDF's. It's small enough to sit on top of the A3 scanner (see photo below). It is now used on the whole of the charts. I scanned a whole Number One Magazine with it, to show readers what the paper was like. That can be seen as a PDF on the Record Business page of this blog.  

Network Charts are uploaded! 
1989 have now been added! And the 1990's one's have started to appear! This set of Network Charts needed the A3 Scanner to digitise them. It's seems to be quicker at scanning them then what the Epson does. However it doesn't seem to compress the files. So you get pretty big PDF files! They were scanned at high quality in two sections. You can see the A3 scanner in the picture below. It's the grey box next to the keyboard. In addition I have been able to add the Record Business charts from 1979, that were not published in Superpop.  I have been having problems with the A3 scanner again. Some research on the web seems to point at the fact that it wasn't meant to work with Windows 7. I think the best advice I have seen suggest getting a new one. However A3 scanners are not cheap, and as that it still works, might mean I have to connect to the old XP machine. Oh well, as Sheldon said in a Big Bang episode "I don't like Windows 7". Yeah.. Me neither!    In case you are wondering I'm still using Windows 7 and even though I don't like it, it is heaps better than Windows 10! I tried Windows 10 on a laptop, which was a Windows 7 machine. However it made a complete mess of things, so I ruled it out being installed on the main machine. Windows 10 is a half backed compromise by Microsoft, because they couldn't (after the disaster of Windows 8) get people to fork out for a new computer with a completely new Operating System on it. One specially designed to work with the new OS. As many people were sticking with Windows 7 rather than move to 8, they had to compromise the new OS, by making it work in the same parameters as Windows 7. In fact what most people have downloaded for free is only the first bits of it. The rest still has to be tested out with the suckers who have joined the insider programme of Microsoft. That's why I call it half-baked. Others have been less kinder to Windows 10. One person called it "FACEBOOK on steroids!" The worse part is the updates. You no longer have a choice, they are installed even if they crash your computer. Otherwise Windows 10 is simply an advert for Microsoft store. You don't have to use the store, but since anything good on Windows 10 is linked to the store, you might as well stick to Windows 7 if you don't want to use the Store.    
Real Chart Headquarters!
This is what the workstation looks like....

 The case of the new computer can be seen next to the silver coloured old one! ! Two smaller black speakers by Creative replaced the old ones. The printer stand was made to store paper under it!  The not working monitor is actually a TV, thus eliminating the need for a plug for another set of speakers. It's larger than the old screen. Also shown on the top picture is the other side of the room with amps and cassette deck, two VCR's  and record deck on the bench. The only adjustment to that side of the room was the replacement to the power point, with a switch-able sockets! Also on view for the first time is the 500GB external hard drive and the Veho negative film scanner (top photo to the right bottom corner).   Since these pictures were taken the TV monitor has been replaced with a proper monitor made by ASUS. The reason for this being that the image from the TV monitor even using the HDMI output, was very hard to get the correct brightness and contrast for the screen. The ASUS does have an inbuilt sound system, so doesn't need another power plug. In fact it's a better picture all round. Plus shuts down and starts up with the computer! So if you are thinking of using a TV as a monitor, don't!

Epson XP-760
I now have a new printer another Epson, but it's much better than the SX218. These days saying that is not common, as getting newer technology can be two steps back. I'm happy to report that this printer is not one of them. It uses six inks for a start which gives it better control of colours. Very like the ones you see on the screen as apposed to a red, that is just slightly off. It has front mounted trays for paper that actually sit inside the printer. In fact the output tray comes out when you are printing and goes back inside when powering down. It has a tray to put CD's on too! It fits on the stand much better and I am not trying to get to the back of the printer to feed the paper tray. As you can see from the photo above the paper tray was at back of the XP computer monitor. This made it more difficult to get too! And yes it uses compatible ink cartridges, so I'm not spending £20+ on one cartridge! I was going to get an Epson XP-625, but though they were only cheap at £89, that was at Curry's. However when you look at the website there is no delivery and you have to pick it up in store. Then I saw it for the same price on E-bay. And guess what it was Curry's selling it!  With of course free delivery! So problem solved!!... Or so I thought.... So I purchased one (it said two left). All was going well - due Thursday!! Then an e-mail said that the one I was being sent have been found to be damaged! So they couldn't send it!! They did offer a replacement, but I asked as the rest of Curry's was still selling them, why they couldn't sell me one. I didn't get a decent answer from them so I cancelled it. Checking around showed that the Epson XP-760 was a better machine, though more expensive. Amazon to the rescue! So it was ordered and within about 3 days I had a new printer! I rather suspect that Curry's were just putting lower prices on products to get customers to use them, but don't have the stocks of the product in stock!  I still don't understand why one branch of Curry's can offer free delivery, but the rest of their branches can not, especially on the same product at the same price. I wouldn't even minded paying the delivery costs, but the main Curry's site doesn't offer this on most printers!  
Real Chart Videos
I have been adding music videos to some of the number one pages. The first is from Nilsson and the 1972 number one Without You. I have knocked this video together myself from bits of film and made it stereo. I've also added Rolf Harris' Two little Boys!! I have also added YouTube videos, the links will be found under the tracks on the number one pages. So check them out!
Sad to say that if you are not from the UK then many of the video's are blocked.
You can also see the very first Real Chart number one from 1948 as a video now, with "Hutch" made to look if he's singing it! Glad to say that most of you should be able to see it as it's one of the few that isn't blocked. For the rest use unblocker above!
Other videos uploaded to YouTube and on the blog is the Strawberry Switchblade track from 1985. Bay City Rollers from 1975 and John Denver Annie's Song (1974). Also available is The Overlanders from 1960's. Plus many others...   
Stop press...
I have uploaded another number one video this time from 1972. It is by Johnny Pearson Orchestra and it's called Sleepy Shores.
The Sixties number one section (1964) has two new videos by Cilla Black. Following on from the success of the number of views for David Essex's Hold Me Close, (20,000+) I have uploaded another one of his number ones. This time it's Gonna Make You A Star available now on the number one page (1974) and on YouTube. The sad news on the video front is that I cannot now upload any further music video's to YouTube. The problem is that last week (14 May) along with the Johnny Pearson video, I uploaded Alice Cooper School's Out. After it uploaded I get a message from YouTube saying that due to the rules on copyright the Video had been blocked Worldwide. Which meant that only I could see it on there! The odd thing is that the video - a Top of the Pops performance - was actually download in the first place from YouTube and can still be seen on YouTube and several other versions of it can be seen too. They are clearly not blocked worldwide otherwise I couldn't have seen them. Apparently the videos and sound are checked by YouTube's uploading system and any that break infringement rights flagged up. Since anyone uploading a music video to YouTube will automatically infringe these rights, unless they are the record company with the rights. This means that most fan based video's, TV shows etc are breaking the rules. YouTube do have a way around this. If the copyright owner agrees, they get a fee every time the video is played. In fact nearly all the video's I have uploaded are either blocked in some countries or have this fee system in place. But I have never had the complete block before. Apparently the stereo sound I had added wasn't the problem as they had matched that to a fee system. It was the film itself. The company blocking it was Viacom, famous for MTV, but I don't know what they have to do with the BBC and Top of The Pops! I do know that Viacom have been arguing with YouTube for some time and don't appear to accept the backhand payment system! So maybe that's the problem? It would be a lot easier if YouTube accepted a system that before any uploaded video went live the user was told it would break infringement rights. So that the user could then say cancel the upload. But they don't and to make matters worse if you upload a second video that is blocked worldwide you can loose your YouTube channel and rights. Deleting the video that has been blocked, according to YouTube doesn't remove the strike against you. I did of course remove that video! So now you can see my dilemma. If I upload another music video and it gets blocked I can't upload any other videos - even ones which I might make myself. And since I do want to that, it's too risky to upload a music video.  This makes a lot sense to me now. I kept wondering why certain YouTube uploaders stopped putting up music video's. Now I know why!! The ironic thing is that the copyright owners now make money out of users if they except the back of hand payment system. The users themselves get no money for the work they have put in re-mastering the audio and sound of the video's that the copyright owners should have done in the first place!  Since Blogger is owned by Google as is YouTube, I can't use the video uploader from Blogger to put the music video's on the blog. Not that it's any good!   I lost the Simon and Garfunkel number one record from YouTube on 10 June 2015. Apparently after all these years it's been up (2012), Sony Music Entertainment objected to it and it was removed worldwide. Does anyone think the fact that Paul Simon's last album, which features the track could have something to do with it's removal? Were SME frightened that the video would have taken away sales from the album?        

A Special Chart... 

Below is a list of the All Time Best Sellers that I have so far recorded the sales on. Of course it's not a comprehensive list of all the big sellers that made the Real Chart, but it does give you an idea the scale of the best selling records in the UK.
I'll give you some idea of how much is missing from the data. As you know the Real Chart started in 1948, but all the years to the 70's are poorly recorded. Some 80's added. By no means all the 90's! Though all act names A and W are completed from the 90's. Some of the year 2000 plus tracks are missing too! And some of those records that have added more to the sales are not up to date! So as you can see a lot!!!!
To sort of overcome this problem some of the records with official sales of over a million have been added, these are shown in orange with the corresponding sales shown. However even official million sellers rarely exceed two million sales. So there are only a few. You can certainly bet that these sales will be much higher than that, maybe even triple in some cases! A good example of this being the Wings track from 1977 with all Real Chart sales recorded. Yet it only has official sales of 2,061,000 and the 4th biggest! While on the Real Chart survey it's only the 26th!! 
The Real Chart Sales for the 1991 and 1992 period were some of the highest sales ever, hence why so many records from those years. I don't have a clue why these years were so exceptional and I can't get anything out of the Compilers to explain it. Except "the stated sales are correct." Meanwhile according to official sources single sales for this period are very low. Sales overall official are highest during 1979.
The Chart below is therefore for information purposes and should not be seen as an authoritative list of the best selling UK records.
However when you compare it with a certain other chart that claims the UK has had only 123 records (2013 figures) that sold a million, that is an even bigger joke chart!
The chart below has been updated last on the 29 October 2017. 
In case your wondering the current list I have of best sellers is over 499 strong, not including any in the current chart!  If you want a full PDF of the best sellers PM using the comments box below. Mark it PRIVATE NOT FOR PUBLICATION and you can include an e-mail address for me to send it to. All Comments are moderated before publication and any so marked will not be aired.

If you like looking at old music papers there's a new post added which has some Superpop charts from 1979 to 1980. Well worth looking at as they contain top 100 charts from a rival source to the BBC top 75, they were also used by several Independent Local Radio stations. I have also added some Network Charts from 1985, 1986. All the late 1980's Network Charts have been added too. 

Newish page!!!

The Reflected People page has been updated and chapters have been added to the site. So if your interested in the history of popular music you might want to read them. They are a work in progress so let me know what you think. Just click the rate buttons!!!...
Chapters include how the Beatles became big and the early 60's.
Don't miss the free history book about Queen Elizabeth 1st and Mary Queen of Scots on the Shakespeare page too!

Also on that page....

You can now download the PDF of the Shakespeare True Story. I've uncovered why the modern Royal Family look like pictures of William Shakespeare! Chapters of the story are now available. So check them out!


  1. Where's Save Your Kisses For Me by The Brotherhood of Man in your best selling singles of all time? According to the other chart, it was a million seller and the biggest selling single of 1976.

  2. Hi Jason. The Compilers won't give me a proper list of the best selling singles. So ALL best sellers charts are compiled by me using the sales figures from each of the top 100 that are compiled by the Compilers. As many of the charts from various years are not sorted out, especially on the sales figure section, many big sellers are not included. The all time list featured here is just a sample to show how the million sellers list is much bigger than the much smaller list featured in the "Official Charts". As I am quite fond of the music of 1976 the charts of that year are being sorted out faster than others. Sadly as yet I don't have the sales figures for that Brotherhood of Man track yet. I have been able to add the Wings record from 1977, selling 3,131. And ABBA's Take A Chance from 1978 at 1,822. I will be updating the best seller list above in the next few weeks.

  3. Which leads me to the obvious question! What are the highest jumps to the top in the real chart?

  4. Having gone through the charts from 1977 to present, the highest jump to number one occurred on the 14 June 2009 when Pixie Lott with Mama Do shot from 96 to the top. I will check the rest of the top 100's from 1960 to 1976 in the next few days, but I think that will take some beating! However it does look like the incidents at which this is occurring is increasing, with more records taking high climbs to the top, Calvin Harris did so only last December (up from 84). Other notable jumps include the White Stripes Icky Thump in 2007 up from 81. It's much less common in the 80's with Shakin' Stevens Oh Julie up from 78, on the 26 July 81, being the highest one of very few.

  5. I think the witch is dead fell from 1 to 27 last year? Also where's paolo nutini this week!

    1. Nearly right Gary it was 1 to 25!
      The Compilers say that Paolo was under 14K in sales, way under the 18K needed to make 100. John Newman and The Handsome Family are just below the 100, still on 18K.

  6. I think both the occ chart and real chart are in danger of becoming less and less relevant as regards to what is actually popular at the moment. Quite often releases are held back so long that by the time they chart they are a couple of months old at least. I can see that the real chart compilers are trying to avoid the record companies manipulation by including pre release orders but the sales they are able to count do not really reflect the popularity of the track.

  7. Since I haven't been able to get hold of the 1978 Record Business charts I tried instead to make chartruns of the 1978 Real chart which went as far as the end of August 78 and 1979 epected. But when I should do July and August I suddenly discovered that they were taken away. Is it possible to get hold of these two months and/or the 1978 Record Business Charts?

    1. If you send me an e-mail address via the comment section (mark it private so it won't be published on the blog). I can send you a PDF files of the Real Chart to September 1978 (that's as far as I got sorting them out). And the full charts of the 1978 Record Business charts. The Record Business charts are scans from the British Library and as long as you don't publish them on a blog, or in a book, or website then that's OK. Of course there's nothing to stop you typing them out, but it will be a big job!
      That goes for any other blog reader who are interested in the RB charts for 1978.

  8. This site is such a great source of information.I'm really interested in the RB charts you mentioned earlier this yearthe 78 ones, do you any other years in pdf, I also found your link for the Sounds charts 81 onwards, do you have the 1979 by any chance ?

  9. I'm hoping the blog looks OK this week. I have just had to remove tons of code that an adblocker caused. It was a real nightmare. If you have one of these blogs don't use adblockers as they put loads of extra codes on for no reason at all.

  10. great lead for p!nk there, pity she's been robbed of #1 on the other chart...
    good climbs for james hype and j balvin, curiously ed's shape of you rebounds a lot this week!
    there's some talk that the Kamaliya tracks are being hyped?
    i wish this chart was more prominent as it seems a lot more accurate than the rubbish chart OCC produce these days!

  11. No Q V X files in the chartbook section?

  12. Hello Graham,
    I was wondering when you post all the charts at the end of the year and list the bestsellers from multimillion to 250k unit of sales, do you includes singles that didn't make 250k in the first weekly appearance and renter with new nubers to add the overall totals? Or do you exclude them?

    1. Hi There.
      I personally count up all sales. So if a record goes 250K and above, even on it's second re-entry it will be added to the best sellers table. The Best Seller charts are however my work, so if I don't add them up right they could get missed out. Only those that make the 100 are included in the adding up. Any record still selling, but not enough to make the 100 are not included in the calculations.

      Apologies also for the title of the Morrisey record. It will be corrected on the chart next week, if it stays in, or on the update on the PDF file.

  13. Looks like that some of AC/DC songs will be downloaded this week due to the passing of Malcolm Young no doubt.

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  15. I have just gone through the list , it is amazing online Music Distribution Company.

  16. How is perfect duet and perfect sharing chart position but perfect symphony is listed separately?

    1. Should have thought that obvious Garry. The addition of Symphony has alerted the main title, plus the other artist is not a featuring credit, which is often added at the end of the title, but given a separate credit. Generally in the chart books featured on this page any artist teaming up with someone on an "and" or "with" credit is given a separate entry. Whereas a featured one is just given a number and a reference below the main artist listing.

    2. Ok gettit! But is Beyonce happy with this!

  17. sigrid won bbc's sound of 2018, so that may explain her sudden popularity... Tom Walker is just a great track!!